Noun - the God of Good Sex and Good Looks.
Adjective - used to describe someone who is incredibly good looking and/or intelligent and/or amazing in bed.
Adjective - another word for perfection.
I wish I could be Law.
I worship Law!
by Collins English Dictionary February 6, 2003
When someone brings up something they don’t like to share with you they legally have to tell you. It’s the law
i refuse to tell anyone my middle name. cause i hate it ”
Okayyyy well now you legally have to tell me ”
“i will do no such thing! “
“U must! ‘‘Tis the law“
by Jimmy jones September 29, 2019
What people break for fun!
Fuck you authoritarian, capitalist, corrupt, narcissistic BASTARDS, have a molotov in your bank's lobby!


Law my ass, its just what the biggest gang in the country tell us to do!
by MrAnarchy! July 19, 2010
Steve: I can't believe your boss did that!
Crystal: I know, he def shouldn't have sent that email out company wide LAW!
by scubuh April 21, 2010
police, john law, gendarmes, troopers, 'officials', e.t.c.

'the laws' was used by warren beatty in the film 'bonnie and clyde' re: the appearance of the police.

this term is one of my personal favorites! it is short, sweet, somewhat ignorant, the truth; and generally brilliant! here indeed, DO come the laws!!
SHIT!, here come the laws!!

i was up on mcfoolsley mountain, trying to 'crack a piece' when here come the laws!!
by michael foolsley August 16, 2010
The Law of An, also referred to as Me of An or Law of Anu or Me of Anu, is the name of a set of Anunnaki teachings, norms and practices for spiritual, practical, humble and simple living. The law of an is considered to be one of the main laws of the Anunnaki and also one that is adopted throughout the Anunnaki Empire and also an important principle of Anunnakism as well. The law of Anu is characterized by defending mainly the idea of the unity of existence and reality, the union between the physical-extraphysical and the natural-extranatural, extraphysicalism, extramaterialism, extranaturalism, pandivinism and panpsychism as fundamental principles of reality and the need to enjoy every moment of your life and always seek to evolve spiritually and treat your friends, family and close people well.
"The Law of An is considered to be one of the basic principles of Anunnakism and the whole way of life that an Anunnaki should have and follow."
by Full Monteirism June 2, 2021
A universal law that states "Without your sacrifice and actions of the past, the present would have turned out much worse."
Joe: I got stuck in traffic today. I wish I would have made that earlier left turn, I could have been 20 minutes earlier!
Will: Yeah, but if you did go left, you probably would have been 30 minutes late. Will's Law means that you would have come out worse doing what you thought could have been better.
Joe: You're probably right, no sense dwelling on the past.
by The Button King September 30, 2020