a literal catboy who streams to twitch
New viewer: "Who is laterment?"
Laterment: "Meow purrr purrr meow owo nya ~"

Friend #1: Do you watch laterment?
Friend #2: I adore him!

Laterment: "Meow!"
A literal cat: "Meow"
by bigbeanboy October 28, 2020
Synonym of Laterz. Means "see you later", "bye", any word for saying "goodbye" :).
Sorry Gtg. Cya later. Laters. Bye. Blahblah...
by lol_nl September 2, 2006
When you're absolutely gone for something and have no idea what's going on.
Joe: "cuz do you know how to do this question" (Passes book and shows question)
John: (Looks at question for about 2 min) " Yeah Laters"
by Peaky_Blinder May 3, 2019
Shorter version of: 'See you later'

Often used in the Dutch slang of the Netherlands/Holland both in messages and on the streets.
Hi Name,


by Betazoid86 November 5, 2010
a state of time that is not now, a future tense. also know as L8R
by a dude named Cody September 4, 2006