A time for the B1 boys to be gay
Hey J it’s LATER!!!!!
by B1forlife April 15, 2019
Used to describe the extent of drunkenness at any given state.
Dan and I drank so much last night, we were so latered.

Dude you are way to latered to drive.
by Bobby Steele March 27, 2007
Talk or see you later.Talk to you laters.
Like when you say goodbye to a friend you would say "laters" dude.
by KristinaJ October 12, 2005
1. A slang word used instead of the already slang "later". Used to pronounce one's leave or departure.

2. Catchphrase of a guy named Dai.
1. I'm going now, I'll cya laterness.

2. Guy1: You going dude?
Dai: Yeah man.
Guy1: Seeya.
Dai: Laterness.
by nobodyyoudknow July 31, 2006
Catering for later. Gourmet food prepared and frozen to be served at a later time.
Lets order some latering to have in the freezer for next weeks party.
by Chefcraig May 15, 2017
a way of life. often combines with yeyeye to form a great call.
Ben: Its over! Laters!
Mikey: Yeyeyeye laterrrssssssss
Everyone: Yeyeye latersssssss!!!!

Alex: Omg i saw the hottest babe at south yarra station
Mikey: YEYEYE!!!
by wodota August 2, 2011