In the state of Virginia (DMV), "Late" is used to refer to someone who is either about to miss out on something really sweet at a party or someone who left to do something else. One should emphasize on the word "late" when it is being said. If the person is literally late to the party then they are "about to be late", because there is still a chance for them to enjoy themselves, but if they take too long and start to piss everyone off then they will be "LATE!".
Steve: (pops bottle of grey goose)
Joe: dam Tim shouldn't have left so early...
Steve: He LATE! (continues to pour everyone shots)
by flipkickva March 18, 2011
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just another, shortened way of saying "later" or "goodbye".
by annonymus January 15, 2004
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1. When a female's period is late, and she believes she might be pregnant.

2. Someone who's dead.

3. Shortened version of "later" as in goodbye

4. Not on time
1. Oh, fuck, I'm late .. .

2. The late Mr. Norris


4. Ach, sorry I'm late!!
by hallohallohallo February 06, 2009
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