simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and hate,combination of both love and hate; general feeling of ambivalence.
Guy#1 Why do you still talk to her bro?

Guy#2 I don't know man its confusing, I fuckin late her!
by mostexcellant69 July 25, 2010
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When people are always late. ALWAYS. Not once in a while, ALWAYS. Late to school, late to lunch, late to your girlfriend's house, late to bed, everything. I hate these fucking people sometimes.
Late Person: "Sorry, baby, I'm late."

Late person's girlfriend: "Yeah, what else is new?"
by Melaniie. August 15, 2009
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multi-purpose excalamtory
1) Goodbye!
2) Wow!
3) Take that!
4) That sucks!
5) Oh shit!

believed to have originated in Houston
upon seeing one's hometown team defeated in the final seconds of a sporting match:
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
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Something that is out of vogue, style or fashion
"Did you hear those tunes they were spinning last night? They were so late!"
by Dwayne Boyd August 12, 2005
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Late; Lated; The act of Lating.

Utterly dominated, destroyed, owned, raped, superior.
Killed by one shot to the head from a .50 cal Desert Eagle.

by poop March 20, 2005
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something which a man should never be
man: i will be there in ten!
women: okay
*20 mins later*
women: hes a dickhead!
by emmaaa29 May 19, 2011
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Abbreviation for "later" in the context of goodbye or see you soon. Usually used with a really good friend in a rush.
Derrick: "Okay, so we're gonna meet up at the movies around 7. We're seeing the new Avengers"
Barry: "Dope!" I'm gonna go home, take a shower, and get ready."

Derrick: "For, sure bro! See you then."
Barry: "Sounds good. Alright, late!"
by Saucey Wave August 04, 2018
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