Australian, n, harmless prankster; cheecky; irreverent
by herbie August 31, 2004
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Australian rhyming slang used to describe a male getting so excited over something or someone that he gets an erection, or fat. A larrikin is a likeable rogue while an erect penis resembles a hat, hence the term larrikin's hat.
I couldn't help getting a larrikin's hat every time I looked at it.
by wardswords November 25, 2016
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Aussie rhyming slang for fat, as in erection. A larrikin is a lovable hooligan; a hat is something worn on the head.
Trevor: Jeeze, I get a larrikin's hat just thinking about Britney pissing on me.
by Sheepshagger July 26, 2006
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A term given by Australian media outlets to their mates in professional sport, when trying to cover up a serious misdemeanor you or I would be prosecuted for.
"Geez, Ben Cousins must be the luckiest bloke alive"

"Yeah nah larrikin spirit mate. They said so on the footy review"
by Mochko Eden September 11, 2022
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A term invoked by Australian media when they want to get one of their mates in sport or entertainment off the hook, after a misdemeanour you or I would be prosecuted for.
"Did you see how full of white candy Footballer X was at the Brownlow Award? Started a fight with the event staff for no reason"

"Yeah nah, larrikin spirit"

"You or I would have been busted for that. There's photographic evidence"

"Yeah nah, just a kid, bit of a larrikin, benefit of the doubt"
by Mochko Eden September 11, 2022
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a slang for "circumcision" or "circumcising".
Person: Kevin, why do you hate the local aquarium?
Kevin: because the last time i went there, i was so drunk that i swam naked across the fish tank while the Mantis Shrimp was larrikining my nuts.
by Miguel Diehl the Worder June 28, 2023
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