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A description of how incredibly hard something sucks.

There are varying degrees of the amount of lamesauce dumped all over a situation.

For starters, first degree lamesauce is simply, "lamesauce."

Second degree lamesauce includes words such as "covered" or "basted." Keep in mind that second degree lamesauce must always follow this format: past tense verb, the word "in" and then, of course, the word "lamesauce."

Third degree lamesauce normally includes two or three of the aforementioned past tense verbs, and occasionally attaches to the lamesauce a prefix such as "mega-," "super-," or "mondo-." In addition, a numeric adverb may be added such as "twice," "thrice," or "quadruply."

Fourth degree lamesauce basically depends on the creativity of the user. This specific degree is EXTREMELY SEVERE and must only be used when things have gotten so incredibly lame that you must resort to drastic, drastic measures.

And remember, the important thing is not WHAT the lamesauce IS, but how you USE the lamesauce.
1) This is such lamesauce!

2) Dude, this is covered in lamesauce.

3) This is megalamesauce covered and basted thrice over.

4) Alright, you know what. This is covered, basted, drowned, and at the bottom of an entire fucking ocean of lamesauce.
by Bridie, duh. March 25, 2005
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Adj. Unpopular, unfavorable ( American Mall Kid Talk )
Yo! Halo 2 was delayed again homes! That is LAME SAUCE!
by Jake of March 17, 2004
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A person, situation, or activity which is not fun, interesting, or beneficial in any way shape or form. Something that sucks big time.
by Nathan A September 10, 2007
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An attitude that should be simmered with equal parts sux and FML, and tastes like Epic Fail. Usually served as a topping for Reality, with a side of broken dreams.
"Make sure you don't overcook your lamesauce, or it'll turn into a kick in the balls."

"I had the worst day ever... it was total lamesauce!"
by Wyrd Darcnyzz November 17, 2009
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a sauce produced by a situation that sucks balls. often times used to reflect emotion during times of disapointment.
victim: "oh hey can i get a large suck sandwich?"
situation: "with or without lame sauce?"
victim: "with please"
situation: "anything else for you today"
victim: "yeah, can you just dump some of that in my eye?"
situation: "no problem"
situation: "want some on your face as well?"
victim: "im so glad you asked"
by whythehellisjmantaken August 08, 2009
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When you search for a word on Google using the I'm Feeling Lucky button and it sends you to the definition of the word on Urban Dictionary.
I just clicked the I’m Feeling Lucky for a Google search for “lame sauce” and it sent me to the definition of lame sauce on Urban Dictionary, which is so lame sauce.
by rogueleadzer0 February 08, 2010
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