This is a term used to describe anything that the user finds bad, inappropriate, upsetting, or just plain dumb.
A co-worker tells you that he's just been called in to work on Christmas eve.

The response: Dude, that's lame sauce.
by kaetzle December 16, 2008
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An elaboration on the word lame. The epitome of lame.
Person 1: My dog got hit by a semi-truck.
Person 2: Really? Lamesauce.
by Elena Sipe June 07, 2007
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1. Something extremly lame or stupid

2. A condament that is gross (i.e. mayonaise)
J: I flunked my paper
K: That's lamesauce

Subway employee: Mustard, Mayonaise, Pickles?
G: Hold the lamesauce
by prokevinmusic February 19, 2008
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totally lame.
not cool.

if it were a literal sauce,
it would be gravy, but bad
1: i got a 19 on my science test
2: that's total lamesauce!
by oh my beckett November 13, 2008
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adj, adv - used to describe how weak something or someone's action is. Alternately, may be used simply as an insult, usually in specific situations where the standard run of the mill curse words simply wont suffice.
Ex 1 -

Girl: Hey, let's hang out this weekend.
Guy: That aint gonna happen cuz Im not even in the same state. I moved back home.
Girl: That's lamesauce!

Ex 2 - Dude you are such a lamesauce terdnugget!
by brown_muscles August 31, 2010
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Noun. Someone that has mastered the art of boredom and lazziness
Person1: yo nikko what chu doin?
Nikko: nottin
Person1:lets go blaze it and then play ball
nikko: nah man ima go home and sleep
Person1: Nigga ur lame sauce
by Nicholas Rouse October 15, 2007
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