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I couldnโ€™t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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Adj. Unpopular, unfavorable ( American Mall Kid Talk )
Yo! Halo 2 was delayed again homes! That is LAME SAUCE!
by Jake of 8bitjoystick.com March 17, 2004
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A person, situation, or activity which is not fun, interesting, or beneficial in any way shape or form. Something that sucks big time.
by Nathan A September 10, 2007
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An attitude that should be simmered with equal parts sux and FML, and tastes like Epic Fail. Usually served as a topping for Reality, with a side of broken dreams.
"Make sure you don't overcook your lamesauce, or it'll turn into a kick in the balls."

"I had the worst day ever... it was total lamesauce!"
by Wyrd Darcnyzz November 17, 2009
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Something or something that is extremely stupid, lame, or not fun.
Ethan is lame sauce because he doesn't like paintball.
by Tehmastar September 21, 2006
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a sauce produced by a situation that sucks balls. often times used to reflect emotion during times of disapointment.
victim: "oh hey can i get a large suck sandwich?"
situation: "with or without lame sauce?"
victim: "with please"
situation: "anything else for you today"
victim: "yeah, can you just dump some of that in my eye?"
situation: "no problem"
situation: "want some on your face as well?"
victim: "im so glad you asked"
by whythehellisjmantaken August 08, 2009
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