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the essence of being lame.
wtf? omg you're so lamecore.
by Jorge Bush March 28, 2005
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Popular mainstream rap - unlike hardcore rap, it's all about bling and chicks and makin' love and whatnot, usually delivered in smooth tones (for the laydeez) and is ultimately lame - to the core.
Did you check out his CD collection? It was all Usher and heaps of other slick, generic, vacuous lamecore rap and r'n'b.
by THEPLAGIARIST April 22, 2010
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the act of being lame. to the core
dude that movie was so lame-core
by Kregg October 15, 2003
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Adjective- the state of being into Hilary Duff.
Jason is into Hilary Duff and is therefore WAY lamecore!
by Stephanie March 31, 2004
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The being of true lameness, often used to describe things that have gone wrong or emo/indie bands that suck you have to sit through.
Stop being so lamecore, Horst!
by Dirtypinko March 29, 2004
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