Lamarcus is a typical person no one understands cool as it gets type of guy makes lots of people smile,laugh Etc. But most people don't see lamarcus's talent that's deep within He's quiet handsome nice teeth with dimples

Person1: lamarcus cool as shit Mann
Person2:you never lied he crazy to
by lamarcus October 12, 2014
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He's cute, he's hype, He's the best person you'll ever meet. If you see him you just know there's something going on. Your ass Is lucky to gave this handsome gentleman. He's awesome and he keeps up on his work, when you see him in real life just know he's always gonna be himself never anyone else an you shouldn't either;).
Girl 1- Hey I think LaMarcus is cute.

Girl 2- Aye you got like a crush on him or something?

Girl 1- *lies real hard* and laughs. No:|
Girl 2- Girlll hes taken chill
Girl 1- shut up -_-
by dreamyy. vivi November 23, 2019
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A black guy who acts white at school and is semi retarded and loves white women like every other blackman and loves 2 piss people off basically da greatest black guy ever
person#:1 look at lamarcus y is he actin so white...
person #2:Probably 2 stay out of jail...
person # 1:ur probably rite...
by Mr.Blackman 2012 June 7, 2011
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A person who is unloyal and talks to other bitches while having many hoes. Lamarcus is also very goofy
Person 1: omg is that lamarcus⁉️
Person 2: ain’t no way and that the dude who talks to multiple bitches at the same time
Person 1: ahahahah lamarcus is so un loyal and goofy
by Just a secret admirer April 15, 2022
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An emperor Palpetine like sentient being attached to the back of ones head.
Wow I can’t believe how big Lamarcus jr. has gotten!
by MyNameEhJeff107 December 30, 2017
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If Tim Duncan was way worse, but still an All star, and had a midrange shot.
Lamarcus Aldridge with the turnaround jumper.
by Mowaffles September 6, 2021
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