From the Old Norse/Danish Leika..

Laik, to Laik , laiking, Laiker,laik's Still used in former parts of the Danelaw/Northumbria modern day Northern england . Especially Yorkshire
He used to be at Sheffeld Wednesday that lad, but since 'iz come to our club he's turned into'a good Laiker
by Patrick Dee On August 22, 2018
To laik. Playing sports or games; messing about.
The other lads are in the park laiking football; Give over laiking and get on with your work.
by Unwin Scutterwold July 18, 2003
Nickname used for a beautiful girl who will make you happy.
Laik: « just talking »
Me: holy crap ;)
by Yellownote February 12, 2022
Other word for like.

A. She's hot dude
B. Laik sure?
A. Definitely
by Vipee April 19, 2010
he is a wonder and such a lovely person, honestly the hottest person ever, like smoking hot. And xe's funny and will make you smile and laugh and blush.
"Laik makes me so happy, I smile everytime I talk to them"
by ultimategaydino May 7, 2022