to be located with the body of a female who owns this last name.
it is considered an act of sincere fate, luck, and undeserving-ness that which pure sorrow is known to be felt for those unfortunate to encounter this such individual during their lifetime.
most wouldn't realize until it was far too late, though..
consider your cautions.
lagunas - a completely original beauty.
by the anonymous identity of September 2, 2008
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One of two public middle schools in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District, located on the central coast of California. With high walls, metallic surfaces and a garish turquoise/white color scheme, it bears a striking resemblance to a prison. Faculty is a mix of excellent teachers and unbelievable bad placeholders. Almost universally disliked by graduates and considered a "rite of passage" to prepare for the local high school. A member of the faculty, Mrs. Lincoln, is a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln. You do not enter Laguna to learn the easy way. You enter to learn the hard way.
Man, Seventh and Eight grade at Laguna were the two worst years of my life.
by Malcom the Tenth January 6, 2008
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the man squall was sent to inhabbit during "dream sequences" in the game Final Fantasy 8

Had a thing for the mother of the games main female character, Julia Heartilly, but was sent off to war at Esthar by Carroway.

in the end, strong hints direct to Laguna Loire being the father and Raine Leonhart being the mother of squall.
There are strong indications in the game that Laguna Loire is Squall's father. During flashbacks induced by Ellone's power, in which the main characters experience past events through the eyes of Laguna, Kiros, and Ward, Squall is required (by the game) to assume the role of Laguna, despite the fact that any of the other characters in Squall's party may take on the role of Kiros or Ward. If Squall travels to Winhill after Garden is activated, he will encounter inexplicable visions of Raine, a woman to whom Laguna was very close, throughout the town. Ellone also mentions that Raine died—apparently in childbirth—and that she had a baby boy. When Squall is captured, all the Moomba keep referring to Squall as Laguna (it is later indicated that the Moomba recognize people by their blood; suggesting a tie between Squall and Laguna). Toward the end of the game, aboard the Ragnarok, Kiros and Ward make commentary as to Squall's resemblance to his mother and his dissimilarity to his father.25 Laguna also intends to tell something to Squall, but he opts not to due to the circumstances.
Courtesy of Wikipedia
by Danial Horton October 7, 2007
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Spanish for 'Lagoon', adopted by Brazil, China, El Salvador, Mexico. the Phillipines. Thailand, and the United States as a place name.

Also used by Renault as the name of their larger family car.
a) 'What do you drive nowadays?'

'I just got another Renault Laguna.'

b) 'Our last holiday was at Laguna Phuket in Thailand.'
by The Nebulous Thrug January 19, 2010
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ADJ. meaning pertaining to the towns laguna beach & laguna niguel, both of which are part of orange county. used mostly to mean pertaining to laguna beach because of mtv's shit reality show about it, so laguna niguel has become the orange county equivalent of NYC's staten island which you've probably never heard of either.
OMG she is so LAGUNA!!!!!!!!!
by l-girl August 23, 2007
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Did you cop the knew laguna drop?
Yeah nah yeah nah… I don’t support a sweatshop
by Chossmonster December 27, 2022
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Used to describe something relating to Laguna beach. One of the more versatile words in the vocabulary, as it can be bad or good, depending on your opinion of the MTV show Laguna Beach.
"Dude those chicks are hella laguna" (hot)
"This conversation is turning hella Laguna" (akward and dramatic)
"We're about to Laguna this place up!" (make cooler than before)
"I hate her she can be so Laguna" (overly bitchy and dramatic)
by duhhhhhhhh June 1, 2006
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