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A small city in the middle of nowhere, with a population of 25,682. Bordertown to San Luis R.C., Sonora, Mex. It only has one high school, 2 middle schools, and 6 elementaries. One park,Joe Orduno. Friendship Parks doesnt count cuz its own by the border patrol now.

Hispanic - 22,209 (94.2%)

White alone - 873 (3.7%)

Black alone - 353 (1.5%)

American alone - 109 (0.5%)

Two or more races - 20 (0.08%)

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 9 (0.04%)

Theres only 7 stops-lights and the coolest thing you can do is go to the dunes, and egged the high school. Well besides to the local hang out spots, Big Brother, Walmart (yes i said walmart)and Joe Orduno.
Mia: I thought we where going to Saint Louis.

Ricardo: No! I told you cleary we are going to San Luis!
by ronal108 April 08, 2011
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The oldest town in Colorado with a population of almost 800. A place where if you are looking for that furry loving companion you have always yerned for, simply go to San Luis and you will not only find one, you will find a selection among the random strays roaming the town. It is the place that, if you are a native of the San Luis Valley, you should NOT go looking for the perfect guy/girl because you will probably be related and you will look like a dumb ass. This town in the origin of the word "Esque", which is a whole other definition of it's self. This town is not only famous for being the first town in San Luis, La Sierra, The People's Ditch..But all one needs to say is Prax and that sums up the entire town.
No. Just because Alamosa is the only place in the San Luis Valley you know of, doesn't mean thats where I live. I Live in San Luis!
by Chamera 8 March 19, 2011
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