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a city located in orange county that is filled with either rich white people in the hilly area, that drive aorund in their fancy cars,or "normal class" people in the other areas. a place where all teens do is party and fuck up. the city built itself a waterpark SPLASH for the citizens, and La Mirada is also home to Biola University so you will find many pure hearted "good girls" at the Starbucks.
Person 1: "ew so i met this guy who lives in La Mirada but doesnt go to lshs."
Person 2: "omg ew he probably goes to lmhs. if he doesn't go to lshs he probably drives a honda and doesnt live by creek park and isnt worth your time."
by lasernahottie07 February 27, 2008
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A City In Los Angeles County
chill city to blaze

chill people very mutlicultural

but the high school sucks balls
fuck the pigs (especially juarez)
and the center is lame
but is surrounded by norwalk, whittier, buena park, cerritos,artesia
so theres always places to go to
"hey dog hit up the connect for that dank so we can roll to that la mirada party"
"fo sho Ima make a beer run real quick"
by Fuck The Matadors January 24, 2010
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City in Southern California, is in Los Angeles county but is the border of LA and Orange Counties (the next city, La Habra, is Orange County). Home to Biola University. Not very much to do in the city itself, but surrounded by a lot to do.
La Mirada- i dont know what to use as an example, lol.
by Random May 14, 2005
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Main character in "Stonewall". A film that talks about gay (and expecially) and trans' situation in the '70 (if i'm right)
by Micho January 31, 2004
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La Mirada my home town and the top definition is incorrect whoever put that doesnt know the city of La Mirada its a nice city its now being over populated by asian decents. But it was more white.. But La Habra and whittier are more ghetto than La Mirada. And La Mirada is not in orange county it is in Los Angeles county.!
La Mirada is my home town and is a nice city to live in..
by Gotts 84 January 21, 2019
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