the word KWS is generally used as an abbreviation to the work Keyword. Like KWD.
Annie: what are the kws
Shady: the target kws (kdw) are shadab or shady for the url:
by Shadab October 11, 2013
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KW is short for Kilowatt, a kilowatt is equivelent to 1'000 watts.
WOW! This uses a whole kw!
by January 26, 2005
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A very stupid person.
The way that "fuck weed" is spelled, "fv¢kw€€d" bypasses the onboard censors found in many online BBSs and forums (or fora if you want to be a dick about it).
{I " heard" this totally fictional, fake, phoney-bologna song while I was flying my UAV this afternoon; sung to the jingle for Bob's Discount Furniture):

Bob's Bob-O-Pedics
From your bunghole to your penis
Some dimbulb fv¢kw€€d broke the carafe!!! (pron. as though it were spelled, "carafay")
{~1.5 second pause}
Bob's Bob-O-Pedics!
by Telephony November 25, 2020
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when you spam your keyboard thats a kw ckaqps
Person 1: *says something dumb*
Person 2: kw ckaqps
by randompersonithinkisdumb1234 September 2, 2020
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