Extract from an urdu poetry :

"Har khushi dil ko ghamgheen kiye jaati hai
Ek tere gham se zindagi shadab hui jaati hai"
by GeekPoint November 14, 2008
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A play on the name "Shadab" that has the same meaning as "Shut up". Doubly insulting if you know someone stupid named Shadab.
"If you don't shadab im going to hit you in the face!"
by Adam Kay June 8, 2006
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A pleasant bird-man believed to have descended from the heavens. Despite his mysterious origins, his Earthenly pursuits are clear-- to hone his based billiards skills and 1v1 Helen.
Person1: Man, peep that fly Shadab, getting them balls in at the pool table. I wish I could play like that.
Person2: ....He just sank the 8 ball for the third time today.
Sadab: caw CAW!
by mobutox August 17, 2014
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