A fat, balding north-american ape
'Kwijibo' was the word Bart Simpson tried to use to win a game of Scrabble.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 28, 2003
a tall dumb North American ape with no chin.
Look at that kwijibo!! Quick get the camera!!
by bread infection November 30, 2009
n. Grl - North American ape-like man, with no chin, fat, bold and with bad temper.

n. Mex - Radio Kumanda's CEO :.: radiokumanda.com/kwijibo.

n. Spa - Simio Norte Americano, gordo, sin barbilla, calvo y de mal carácter.
Kwijibo walks loose!

Kwijibo is playing SKA at his show.

Un kwijibo anda suelto!
by Kwijibo May 10, 2004
A fat, bald, yellow North American ape with no chin. Has round eyes bigger than a normal ape, short temper, and may or may not strangle his son while crying out, "WHY YOU LITTE-"

According to Mr. Barthomolew Jojo Simpson, a gifted scholar who shall be in the Examples Talk-Show here with us, he first discovered this peculiar creature while playing a game of Scrabble, and this creature attempted to strangle him while he first coined this word.
Me: Hello, and welcome to the Examples Talkshow! I am Light White Dragon, and today we shall have an interesting conversation with Mr. Barthomolew JoJo Simpson, a gifted scholar from Springfield Elementary School. So, Mr. Bart- exactly how did you find this 'Kwijibo'?

Bart: Ehh... I was playing a game of Scrabble, and all of a sudden this creature tried to strangle me while-

-At home-

Homer: Mmm... these donuts are tasty!

-after turning on the T.V.-

Homer: Mmm... Wait, is that Bart! Hey, Marge- our son is on T.V.!
Hmm... Wait a minute-

-Examples Talkshow-

Bart: ... and so I ran all around the house and while it chased me, I saw its big, round eyes which looked like part of a bre-
Bart: Uh-oh, Kwijibo on the loose
by Light White Dragon July 7, 2012