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Company that makes great guitars
Like the Country Gentleman and the Tennessean (both used by George Harrison).
George Harrison with his Gretsch Country Gentleman on the Ed Sullivan show with The Beatles '64
by Sean Gilmour October 09, 2007
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An American instrument manufacturer well known for its wide range of instrument production, but mainly for its electric guitars.
Gretsch is known for staying true to its original cosmetic designs & updating its production instruments for the modern player, while still releasing models made to original specs for those who desire vintage sounds.
For example, the Country Gentleman can be bought with modern pickups & wiring while still keeping the look & feel of the original design, or as a vintage reissue with reproduction vintage parts.
Gretsch guitars have been favored mainly by country & rockabilly style players, but are extremely versatile, having also been played by countless other musicians & spanning a whole spectrum of genres.

Notable guitarists:
George Harrison- 6128 Duo Jet, 6122 Country Gentleman, 6119 Tennessean
John Lennon- 6120 Double Cutaway
Brian Setzer- 6120 Nashville, 6120 Hot Rod, 6136 Black Phoenix
Duane Eddy- 6120 Nashville
Stephen Stills- 6136 White Falcon
Chet Atkins- His entire signature line
My favorite Gretsch guitar is the Duo Jet in Cadillac Green.
by Guitar Player April 21, 2013
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A name brand of a producer of musical instruments, more widely know for their guitars and their respective sound. Musicians can easily distinguish between a Gretsch guitar and a lesser-quality instrument, and has been that way ever since the company was founded over 100 years ago by Friedrich Gretsch. Friedrich moved to America from Mannheim, Germany, where he set up shop in 1883 in Brooklyn, where the Gretsch sound was born.

While Gretsch guitars were selling well enough, the company's brand name gained recognition when George Harrison of the Beatleswas seen on TV playing his Country Gentleman.

The list of guitar greats who have played a Gretsch electric guitar is long and well, long. Many of which have teamed up with Gretsch to design their own models. Such as the Gretsch Billy-Bo model for example. This take on the classic Gretsch "Jupiter Thunderbird" was designed with the help of Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top and Bo Diddley. It looks like a vintage Gretsch guitar, but is new to the 2005 lineup.
some famous gretsch guitar players include but is not limited to:

George Harrison of the Beatles (country gentleman)
Malcom Young of AC/DC (rock-jet)
Randy Bachman of Bachman-Terner Overdrive
Steve Stills and Neil Young of the Monkees
by shiro amada August 22, 2006
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(n.) another word for a vagina, preferably a crusty one that doesn't get much action.

(n.) (v.) (adj.) can also be said in any situation where you can not think of another word to say or can not think of a word to describe or even if you cannot think of how to feel.
Example 1.
Lizzy: hey Amanda! I heard a guy finally spoke to you after all these years.

Amanda: eerrhyeah, he wants the gretsch.

Example 2.
Amanda: *runs out of things to say* so yeah....gretsch.....
by docrustygretsch October 14, 2013
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