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this is like fucking in kung fu style. its also used to describe rough, painful and hardcore sex style. this type of sex is done wen u really want to fuck the other one in the worst way possible. it includes beating, throat fucking and assfucking type sex. which in a way causes hurt that also seem to satisfy the opposite sex. this word is extremely popular when it comes to places like malaysia and il. so u can now use this word wen u want to a blast tht night.
Enough of tht bitch. today im gonna kung-fuck her at all costs!

Dont get hard on me, madam or ill kung-fuck you!!!
by bboylivesinil May 12, 2011
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A new form of martial arts practiced in the mountains of Colorado and their relatives in the eastern China mountain regions. It involves two parters who spar in birthday suits by anal, vaginal, oral, deep throat, or excessive humping, in order to cause the other parter to orgasm first before being humiliated by having male or female genital juice being sprayed all over them. Kung Fuck is also another form of sport where extreme penetrations are done, such as the fucking kick, or the jumping fucking, or the 10 foot drop into the vagina.
"damn bitch you so stupid, im gonna kung fuck you!"
"jack off pimp, ill kung fuck you harder with my slamming deep throat jab."
"negro let go"
by ninjapisser January 29, 2009
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Kung Fuck means to fuck you hard. Or used as daddy come and lick me I want your jello or juices
by Eat me love June 17, 2018
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