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A convenience store which sells delicious Hot Dogs, Nacho Cheese, Gasoline, and a large selection of porn. It also has a name so offensive that you have to cover your kids eyes every time you pass by. The store is also commonly known as the Splooge & Speed, Jizz & Jog, Cum & Blow, Ejaculate & Evacuate, Spooge & Split, Bust a Nut & Bounce, Blow & Bail, Nut & Run, Ejaculate & Abdicate, Fuck & Duck, and the Jizz & Jet.
Oh my God honey, look at the name of that Convenience Store! What kind of monster would name it "Kum & Go"? There's kids in this town for Christ sake! Jesus, they might as well have named it the Splooge and Speed.
by McFergus February 27, 2015
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To leave abruptly after sex.

To spooge and split; fuck and flee; screw and skeedaddle; bang and blow; blow and goodbye.

Also for some reason a chain of convenience stores in Wyoming; formerly 7-11s.
I once was so busy that I had to Kum&Go behind the Kum&Go.

"Is that seriously what they're called?"

"For the last time, YES. Fucking google it!"
by Loaf&Jug April 14, 2014
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To go to a person's place and have sex and leave directly after. Normally only lasting 10-15 minuets
by Royal procelain throne November 27, 2016
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