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short for cousin, or cuzz. used by people that use ghetto slang aka nigs from da hood
What up kuh?
Straight chillin nah mean kuh?
You finna get this chicken or what kuh?

Oh fo show.
AIght. One.
Aight kuh.
by guywhothrowsfireballslikeryu August 14, 2009
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1. An interjection that can be have "Oh..." in front of it. It usually represents feelings of distaste or shows that something bad occurred. Sometimes, it can be used for shock or surprise.

2. A Vietnamese phrase that means stupid.
Oh kuh. That sucks.
That shit makes me go kuh.
by Ricky Yo June 21, 2011
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Marco Yeung's favorite expression when he is in a jolly mood
GUY:YO MARCO I heard you owned that cluth
Marco: Das my fav expressionz
by l337noob April 07, 2005
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Not wanting to be a bother, not being able to care about life. Similar to meh, but instead of showing indifference "kuh" implies not wanting to bother someone with your indifference.
"Want me to come over even though you feel ill?"

by Mandarinchen June 05, 2018
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