A shortened version of the phrase "Know what I mean".
Commonly used with males in the ages of 10-20. These males exhibit a need to be cool with the crowd. This can often work if the objected audience answers "yes".

However, caution should be used to avoid using the term "nah mean" when the answer will be "no". This can result in a loss of coolness, thus, defeating the purpose of the term "Nah mean".

Some have also given responses with N' mean. Shortened for the phrase "I know what you mean".

Martin: I hate it when I get killed so fast in Halo. Nah mean?
Andrew: N' mean.

Martin: I think all blondes are dumb. Nah mean?
Andrew: Nope...I think you're dumb.
by Lightboxes December 28, 2007
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"im not trying to get into any drama this year. nah mean?"
by dai live January 6, 2006
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Broken down version of "You know what I mean?". Often used by a man seeking agreeance from his homies after he has made a statement. Do not use if A.) The statement or idea is stupid or fucked up, in which case "nah mean" may backfire terribly on you. B.) If you think no one will agree with you, again leading "nah mean" to backfire on you.
Synonyms: Nah Sayn?
Michael: Man, Brandon's mom is a milf, I would tear that ass up..Nah Mean?
Kyle, Anthony, Nathan, Sean, rest of corner at lunch: Yeah fo sho dawg, every position in the book.

Michael: Nah Mean Dawg?
Gabe S: Yeah that was tight that was tight.
by Mike Op January 20, 2008
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A short phrase often use by one not in search of a return answer of ya I nah mean( just cause that is weird). people also often use this when they are in search of an answer as well to a really stupid question, and have nothing better to say. The process of saying this word is usually the squinting of one eye, the arching of the neck and the over powering left side of the mouth pulling up.
Jake: sooo im eatin tommorrow at lunch nah mean?

Mary: UM
by ya i nah mean January 24, 2010
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A shortened version of the sentence, "Know what I mean?". Commonly used by brahs to avoid using to many syllables.
by The Moak March 11, 2005
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An offshoot of the popular phrase, "Nah Mean."
Only this version is for the plural, "Knows what I mean"
"You may not know what I'm talking about, but Brad nahs mean."
by paddywack August 29, 2006
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