Kuh-Lean: as in clean (emphasis on the Kuh (C)) Means cool, awesome, off the hook.
Have you listened to that new song by Immortal Technique? That shit was Kuh-Lean!!!
by BigPAINis April 12, 2011
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Not wanting to be a bother, not being able to care about life. Similar to meh, but instead of showing indifference "kuh" implies not wanting to bother someone with your indifference.
"Want me to come over even though you feel ill?"

by Mandarinchen May 15, 2018
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similar to owned, but on a higher, awesomer level. Trademarked by Zach and Ash.
"omg. my head totally just got blown off in gta."
by Ashley Simon November 17, 2007
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Similar to owned or ownage, owning with extreme force
Dude your Girlfriend totally kuh-owned your ass.
Haha did you see steve? he did a face plant into the concrete, KUH-OWNED
by Zach Flaten October 21, 2007
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another work for nigger: not intended to be insulting. Used when speaking to a nigger
"What up my nuh-kuh?!"
by Ashton123 February 8, 2008
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