Snapchat Streak is accessible on the mobile app Snap chat. It is represented with a fire Emoji and number. The lowest number that you can get is 3. To get a Snap Streak, you and another person need to send atleast 1 Snapchat in 24 hours(both of you). You can change the fire emoji to another emoji by going to Settings---> Manage---> Friend Emojis---> Snapstreak!--->(then pick your emoji).
"whats your snapchat streak with david?"

by kimyonce February 24, 2016
A way for people to waste their time and give out future mug shots every day
Police: What does the suspect look like?
Deputy: Here is an updated picture that she sent to her friend to continue her snapchat streak
by oracle be May 10, 2016
If you snap chat your friend day after day and you get a number at the side of there name then that means you are on a snapchat streak. The number means the amount of days
'Someone do a snapchat streak with me?'
by Read it then September 6, 2015
Sending snaps to other people so it seems like you have a lot of friends which you are having a conversation with when in reality, it's just a boring picture of the ceiling or a wall or a black screen. Streaks are a big waste of time.
Chad: *receives a Snapchat notification*
Josh: What's that?
Chad: Some weird girl named Julia keeps sending me Snapchat streaks and it's really annoying
Josh: She totally likes you
Chad: Yeah I know, but I'm way out of her league
by Uhm... Hi March 18, 2020
Having a snap streak with your ex would mainly mean there are still feelings. If you're in a relationship why would you ruin it to go back to the past. If your ex is in a relationship why would they ruin theirs to have a damn streak with another girl/boy that isn't family.
"New streak?" "Heck no I'm not messing around with you anymore". Having a Snapchat streak with your ex that you are not close to isn't right
by Haigan March 20, 2017