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A slang word for trainers, (sneaks in specific)
Da shade on dem kreps is propa nang
by p. nisbet December 30, 2004
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More-polite way to say crap when writing, as seen in several blogs and online articles
"suffered insomnia that kept me up until 3 watching the most dreadful sci-fi krep you can imagine..."
by jake5443 January 10, 2005
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The superior calling form of dibs. Also beats double dibs, super dibs, scoobies, I-called-its, I-actually-own-that-chairs, and Super-mega-octuple-dib-stampies-no-erasies. Kreps is the best.
My friend dropped his wallet on the ground and I called kreps on it. I like my new wallet.
by Dayringer October 25, 2004
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