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Scottish "comedy" duo who were actually husband and wife. Apparently pretended to be brothers although wee Jimmy was no more than 10 and his brother was well into his mid 40s at best. This means their mum would've had to have had the older one at 15 and wee Jimmy when she was in her 50s. No wonder he was always acting up, she probably couldn't control him.
The Krankies are about as funny as stepping on a turd.
by Luke Morris May 30, 2006
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Husband and wife team. Husband likes wife to dress up as a pre-pubescent boy and then sit in his lap. Amazingly this is all done in public and for the entertainment of children.

Husband pushed wife off a ladder whilst in panto in Milton Keynes and she landed on her heed. This was not part of the act, but after 25 years in the industry they finally got a laugh. She was permanantly disabled.
The Krankies are, in fact, Ian and Jeanette McSporran, a married couple from Aberdeen.
by Karen Wilkinson May 29, 2006
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