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A strange colloquial term of response that makes little sense as an abbreviation.

Originally used late one night on AIM back when that was usable by 'Spud The Destroyer', and adapted as a response from "Okay". yep is to yes, as kape is to okay.

Earliest chatlog backups indicate its usage as early as late 1999.
"I'm off..."
kape, cya.
by Jacob B April 13, 2006
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Slang term for okay.

Originally developed by me, because I'm leet.
Hey you want to go to the mall?

by Chris October 15, 2004
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To kiss someone without getting the person's consent.
Like rape, just for kissing.
F: I want to kiss you!
T: Well I don't want you to!
F: I'll kape you then!
by FruityBethie+ToastySam August 19, 2008
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Combination of 'Kiss' and 'Rape' that describes the type of kiss where someone violates your mouth with their tongue, by trying to taste what you had for breakfast in your lower intestines.
Girl 1: I met this guy the other day and we got on so well, I leaned in for a kiss!

Girl 2: OMG! What happened? Was it any good?

Girl 2: It was disgusting! I wanted a nice soft, romantic kiss and he 'kaped' me! I felt so violated I needed to brush my teeth 15 times, then have four showers.

Girl 2: Awww, you poor thing! I hope you didn't give him your number!

Girl 2: No way! I'm going to write an online blog about him, to warn other girls. Yuck!
by Arcca-Daton April 19, 2010
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To finger one's rear end intensly; to pleasure one's rectum
Girl 1: Oh gosh! I love you so much, Thomas!!!
Thomas: I love you too.. I just wish we could do more!
Girl 1: You can KAPE me!!!!!
by liliana thom December 22, 2010
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