Lithuanian for "war" or the month of "March".

It is also an uncommon Lithuanian name for a male. Often when one introduces themselves with this name, they are laughed at and asked, "wait, no seriously?"
"Jis nuejo i kova, apgint mus nuo presiu"

"Labas, mano vardas Kovas" ...."Kovas?? hahaha, durnas!"
Translation: "Hello, my name is March" "March??? hahaha you loser. Were you even born in march!?" "...no..."
by KitaPuse August 18, 2011
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An insane schoolteacher who doesn't actually teach. In lieu of teaching, she sits at her desk and talks on the phone, sporting an insane smile the whole time.\

The secondary defining characteristic of a kovas is that the facial features rarely, if ever, change. In fact, if you were to take a picture of a kovas and compare it to a kovas' face at nearly any given time it would resemble the photo with about 99% of the same expression.

Kovas also often fall in love with honky rappers who, in their opinion, can do no wrong.
1) Damn, our teacher is such a kovas that we could jack off in class and she would never notice!

2) I hear that there's a new teacher in the science department this year. I hope he's a kovas.
by Estuardo July 23, 2006
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a super cool chick, shes smart (but a slacker) and is very funny. shes one of the most gorgeous people you can meet. shes not afraid to be who she is and happens to be very musically talented. kovas usually likes rock music. she is shy but once you get to know her shes awesome. but never take advantage of her, she will fight back.
person 1: who is that kovas girl?
person 2: idk but they seem chill
by that fat emo chesire cat April 07, 2015
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