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1:Little Bird in japanese
2: Someone who pretends to die and act as someone else on a message board
1:The kotori flew in the sky.
2: "Hey Jo, you want to go kotori on 4chan later?"
by Very Classy January 9, 2014
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American DJ from Birmingham, Washington that produces animestep ( subgenre of dubstep ).
Example of use in sentence: Kotori has awesome Dubstep.
by Matyu Sniper April 25, 2019
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A Kotori is a half Korean and Japanese girl. She will make gay jokes just to try to make you laugh. She says a lot of "your mom" jokes and really cornty jokes. She's the type of person who doesn't know what loss is and ligma is. Kotori will get mad if someone says the same joke and steals her joke. She is the type of person you would want to go party with if the party is boring as shit. Will be toxic when she needs to be. A very talented girl and will be there for you when you need her. Watches a lot of hentai and will draw you hentai if you ask her. Also a loli.
"hey kotori, can u draw hentai for me?"
by nep and ell July 27, 2018
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Girl from the "Love live" series. common misconception about the character is that she is "best girl" when in fact she is worst girl! If you consider Kotori your "Waifu" i have bad news for you, your waifu is shit.
Friend: "Ohh man i really love Kotori Minami from Love Live, she's the best girl!"
Me, an intellectual: "Actually she is thrash tier waifu"
by CrayonsFromHell July 28, 2018
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liar and manipulator
lack of empathy
victimizes themself
Person one: I blackmailed him to flirt with me to get him reported for grooming
Person two: You're being a kotori right now, skank.
by largechild June 23, 2022
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A pathological liar who likes to trivialize actual grooming and accuse older guys of grooming them for responding to jokes that they initiated.
Person A: So I flirted with an older guy and then reported him for flirting back

Person B: Stop being a Kotori
by Hoooshiiiii June 23, 2022
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KOTORI is a 21-year-old bass producer from Bellingham, WA. Finding early inspiration from artists like Skrillex & Porter Robinson, their music is best described as heavy-hitting with a melodic influence. They gained initial traction in 2017 with their releases of Nanamori and Waterfall, and later followed these efforts with the release of his Yandere EP. They've since provided official remixes for SVDDEN DEATH & JVNA.
kotori music makes some good shit
by RedRumRover September 22, 2021
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