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American DJ from Birmingham, Washington that produces animestep ( subgenre of dubstep ).
Example of use in sentence: Kotori has awesome Dubstep.
by Matyu Sniper April 25, 2019

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Sniper rifle is accurate semi automatic or bolt action long barreledfirearm with telescopic sight attached to the stock.

Sniper rifle is not same thing as sniper.
Sniper is person who uses sniper rifle.
Paradox Poke:This PGM Hecate II is really good sniper rifle.
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by Matyu Sniper December 19, 2017

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Blue Waffle is disgusting vagina infection,caused by unsafe sex.
Symptom for infection is blue skin around vagina.Blue Waffle can cause pain in vagina and anus infection.
You should never google images of it.
BF: Do not ever google Blue Waffle.
GF:*googles Blue Waffle* Oh My F***ing shit!!!!!!
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by Matyu Sniper November 07, 2017

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