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a term not normally used by person's of african decent meaning, a beer or that drink having the same effects of beer.
Hey man whats up, me and the guys are going to the bar to get a brewskie, wanna come?
by Tony Cavielo May 09, 2004
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The act of drinking good beer while entertaining or being entertained with things such as a house party, live music, jamming to your own music, etc...
"Bro-man, let's Brewskie this weekend at the compound with ribs, brisket, grilled corn and what not."
by Brodie Ocean July 10, 2012
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(n) The expression used to describe a very ugly woman; to exclaim that a girl is fugly; opposite of the expression SKEE SKEE WOO; to claim that it would take a 'brewskie' to want to screw that ugly bitch.
"Damn! That bitch is skraight BREWSKIE!!"

When rollin' down the strip in the whip, a friend yells out the window "BREWSKIE!!"

by Cory Brockman October 16, 2006
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