Originally derived from an accidental mispelling of the word know. It is now used to describe something cool or awesome.
1.Fool, dats hella kono.
2.Kono bitch!
by PMT April 23, 2005
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The Konopelski's version of coffee that is so black and strong, you'd swear you were drinking Wesley Snipes.

Relevant Physical properties:
Immiscible with cream, will not solubilize sugar

Kono Brew Recipe:
Brew one bag (12 oz.) of coffee with one cup water (optional).

Ultimate Kono Pot Recipe:
Let Kono Brew sit on burner for 10 hours. Put in freezer overnight. Brew one bag (12 oz.) coffee with one cup water over the frozen Kono Brew. Enjoy.
Non-Kono: That sip of Kono Brew made me bleed out of my ass for seven days.
Kono: It's 7pm, brew up the third pot of Kono Brew.
by Big Cait December 16, 2006
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normally reference to trash it also uses to describe a person who is salty and has bad luck or a person who got undeserved stuff when he tries to accomplish something it rarely succeeds
Darko//Konoe you got an promotion to etc
by Darko//Konoe August 27, 2020
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Points to self with a thumbs up
Guy- "It was me, DIO."
Alternative dimension Guy- "Kono Dio Da"
by David Badinski February 26, 2020
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This is the word that Diavolo said when trying to get the Requiem Arrow but instead was returned back to his soul just for him to fail and die infinitely
by Kono diavolo da August 4, 2021
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Also known as: But it was me,Dio!,Dio Brando's most famous line in the anime.
by imp fuck2 October 19, 2019
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