pimp, someone who plays your mom when your asleep.
get low and give Darko some dome.
by DARKO December 12, 2004
The definition of the word Darko is very complex. Darko is human but still a great spirit. "Darko" can mean different things in different situations. But remember, a Darko is still a Darko and it's not something you can play with. It's or he if you rather call it that, is kind of like a God.
"Oh, Jimmy, have you heard about the new series?"
"You mean those about Darko?"
"Yes Jimmy, "A daily dose of Darko", "Life according to Darko" and "Darko on full time"
by slyngel October 25, 2012
Sexy dark chocolate who makes love and not jus fucks to the right woman
“Ooooh girl that nigga today was being extra darko best experience ever fuck city girl summer I want to cuff him”
the 7' center on the detroit pistons who was takin 2nd overall in the 2003 NBA draft. Serbian-Montonegran decent. Amazing at life, has many worshippers that know he has potential and will succeed. Usually sits his ass on a bench all game, usually only takes a bank hook shot whenever he gets in a game which is rarely, and the ball goes in 50 percent of the time. Larry Brown is the reason he doesnt play because larry brown is racist against foreign players.
Darko's the sweetest guy in the world, but sucks at basketball
by Ryan Ferris June 28, 2005
1. Homo
Jag: man australia is gna be so sick
JasoN: yeah i cant wait to see u darko :)
David: mmmmm its honestly gna be the best trip ever, all the boyce
Mustafa: we gotta go to seaworld, movieworld and pimpp all the bitches its gna be dope
Warren: if i can go it would be hella sick, havnt seen u in ages darko lol

"Darko has left the conversation"

"Darko has been added to the conversation"

Jason: why'd u leave brah?
Jag: yea dnt u want us to come or something

"Darko has left the conversation

David/Jag/Jason/Mustafa/Warren: ...............
by boysfrombackhome May 21, 2010
Not talking to girls at the bar, when mulitple opportunties exist. You then proceed to complain that no girls are at the bar.
Jeff: Their was no trim at that bar last night. Show me the trim tonight.
Tim: If you didn't pull a Darko and got off the bench you would of gotten some trim. Don't be Darko
by Wayside West Warrior July 25, 2009
Who's that guy who can not shoot.. that is Darko...
by Vintz May 3, 2005