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The Konopelski's version of coffee that is so black and strong, you'd swear you were drinking Wesley Snipes.

Relevant Physical properties:
Immiscible with cream, will not solubilize sugar

Kono Brew Recipe:
Brew one bag (12 oz.) of coffee with one cup water (optional).

Ultimate Kono Pot Recipe:
Let Kono Brew sit on burner for 10 hours. Put in freezer overnight. Brew one bag (12 oz.) coffee with one cup water over the frozen Kono Brew. Enjoy.
Non-Kono: That sip of Kono Brew made me bleed out of my ass for seven days.
Kono: It's 7pm, brew up the third pot of Kono Brew.
by Big Cait December 16, 2006
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A salutation to a foxy lady, typically across the bar or social gathering. A way of "getting in there". Accompanied by a jaguar-like pawing of the air as if to imply a gentle mawling; implies intense interest.

Implying that one is foxy or acknowldeging a foxy action
Manderson, that shirt makes your pecs looks foxy...rauwr
by Big Cait March 19, 2010
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