a kind - hearted person who makes everyone else around them light up in joy . he is very kind , compassionate , and caring , and tends to put everyone else before himself ( when he really should take care of himself more ) . they can often be found in their room playing osu and watching animes . they also tend to have an unhealthy obsession with kanna from miss kobayashis dragon maid .

- millie
kona is the most amazing friend to ever walk this earth .
by a very cute bunny April 09, 2021
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A really expensive, really damned tasty coffee grown in Kona, Hawaii. Price as of March 2008 is $60/pound ($130/kilogram).
I'd drink Kona coffee all the time if I could afford it.
by Promethean Sky March 20, 2008
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hahahaha, to the dumb fuck that said that kona is an island, kona is a town on the WEST SIDE of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is the dopest place to be. Parts of it are pretty rough, like La'ilani and Queen Liliuokalani neighborhoods.
-like go kona town brah?

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A bicycle design and manufacturing company from Vancouver. Named after the Hawaiian island of Kona. They are responsible for some of the best-riding mountain bikes ever made.
My Kona Cinder Cone is a singlespeed real-steel-deal.
by jawj April 11, 2004
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