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1. A gamer with elite skills in the catagories of gameplay exercised.
2. To be elite in a catagory of gaming.
Kommando is so leet in Half-Life mods.
voogru is absolutly kommando at ns_eclipse.
by Geoff August 25, 2003
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An atomican
Head organiser of Irradiate
a member of the Atomicmpc forums, IRC channel and reader of the magazine.

plays lots of games and obsesses about how blue his pc is.
Kommando, talking to you is like rubbing your face on asphalt
by Rhesus January 15, 2004
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Morder's friend. Helped Morder with his reserved slot mafia thing (using his reserved slot to kick people to let his friends join) and a complete moron that sucks in NS even more than his llama friend Morder. Can't even spell "Commando" right.
Taken from a log:

Morder connects
JoeNemesis has left the game

Morder has left the game

kommando connects

Me: kommando get the f*ck out of atmospheric and help us to rush the hive
*kommando placing gay signs*

by Gungsta-Pasta September 03, 2003
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