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16 definitions by Gungsta-Pasta

A brilliant coder who made adminop but hijacked and used by King Kahuna to ban the voogru community
Official AdminOP Beta Server (-KLG- Hosted)
by Gungsta-Pasta August 2, 2003
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The last master from HL. Beat it with your brain.
by Gungsta-Pasta August 4, 2003
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King Kahuna's son who thinks he can make a mod in 9 days but actually knows nothing about coding. Also loves to swear like a machine and suck KK's dick
princekahuna: 9 days till voogru is screwd
PRIMER+: why is voogru screwd?
princekahuna: drunken f00l and avatar-x will help me to make a mod for ns 2.0
by Gungsta-Pasta August 2, 2003
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A very good computer game that gets abused by HALO zombies. Basic single player owns. Got lots of addictive mods.
Half-Life owns. And Half-Life 2 will own HALO2
by Gungsta-Pasta August 4, 2003
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One of the best games ever made. Some people who play it are jerks who only like to TK and be stupid, but most of them are good people. Find a good server and play on it.
by Gungsta-Pasta November 2, 2003
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Jiblet/jibs: Usually little, but lots of human-meat chunks in action games.
Gibs: Big chunks of meat at action games.
this guy was throwing 2 grenades down the pipe and lots of jiblets came out!
there was one little jib that looked differenet than the others...

i launched a rocket at the sniper bunker and lots of gibs came out, it was teh cool!!!
by Gungsta-Pasta July 12, 2003
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