When you can see the outline of a girls rib or the whole 'rack' of ribs
Damn she has the prime rib
by Studog February 19, 2017
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A young gorgeous girl with a killer body that's amazing to have sex with
Kiersten : Hey baby how bout some Sexy Sex tonight for a change!
Chad: Sorry I get enough of that crap with my wife!
Kiersten : Why does she get the sexy treatment and I don't?
Chad : Cause she's my wife it's what married couples do!
Kiersten : But I want Sexy Sex!
Chad : Shut up and spread your legs so I can fuck you and go home already!
Kiersten : Gee I feel like a piece of meat!
Chad : Well at least your Prime Rib!
Kiersten : Oh boy I feel so special!
Chad : Your my little buffet MMMMMM!
Kiersten : Oh what A girl will do for A 14 inch cock!
by SlopNChop April 21, 2017
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1. Noun: Referred to as the 'The Prime Rib'; equivalent definition to the phrase 'the illest'; "the bees knees"

2a. However, can be used as an adjective in which 'prime rib' refers to something that is 'cool, tight, or sweet/distinctively awesome'. Synonyms include: dope, crack, fresh

2b. In any situation, derivation of phrase can be used.
Esp. to describe a female's admirable characteristics.
Just bought a leather toilet seat; that shit is the prime rib.

*No other examples are necessary.*
by Dr. Douchebag January 26, 2011
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Something that is cool and/or awesome and/or great.
Dude, did you see that flip he did? That was so Prime Rib!

If you can get those photos that would be Prime Rib.
by X3LA July 29, 2008
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A Synonym of the word "dank". Usually used when referring to some really really nice buds or "chronic".
"Dammnn mang, that Cali Kush is Prime-Rib!"
by Doda Dreje January 24, 2010
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the act of taking a humongus shit and then having ur girl stick her arm up your ass then make that bitch lick it off
it was really kinky one night so i told my girl to do a prime rib
by jeremyteddychris November 11, 2003
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Often used to refer to a female of the fit and attractive variety.

"core blimey mate did you just see that prime rib tail"
by Ric Ben October 29, 2007
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