Shmuckified butchering of the word neck
You have a tiny kneck
Well you don't know how to spell neck
by evertonfanfc24 July 7, 2019
The area of fat that connects the chin to the collar bone in obese individuals. It must exceed the volume, by double, of a double chin. This creates a tubular effect that engulfs the entire neck letting no original neck to be visible.
Mamma June, Honey Boo Boo's mother, has such a large kneck she can't wear turtle neck.
by dmarie23 February 25, 2016
White Knecking is when you choke someone during sex making their kneck appear white. This is a common practice used in pornography. White Knecking was coined by the Australians and they still say it till this day.
Bro I white knecked that girl last night. Dayum dude I was white knecking that girl last night.
by DoctorRingo January 19, 2018
Eating , hungrily having food
We gon't take it to the kneck
by safety kev October 17, 2020
The process of two people kissing, nibbling, sucking upon areas of each others necks
We sat in the dim lit car kissing nibbling, sucking and kicking at each other's necks... we felt konnected during this knecking session, on our 3rd date!
by knecking March 23, 2016
A term used to describe a passionate make out session or snogging
We went back to hers and ended up knecking
by ArtemisMoon April 4, 2016
The illness you get after a heavy session of kissing strangers in nightclubs. It may present swollen glands or sore throat.
Patient: 'Doctor my throat is sore and my neck is swollen, I think I have tonsillitis.'

Doctor: 'No you have a case of Club Kneck Neck. Have you considered attending the sexual health clinic for a check up?'
by Dr Drake May 12, 2017