The King Lad. Royalty amonst lads, klad reigns supreme in laddish activities, namely drinking and banging ladies.
Shlad: I wish I was more of a lad...
Will SB: All hail klad, your lord regent
Shlad: I aspire to be you!
by Sausysaus March 16, 2011
the definition of being goofy or having a goofy moment
friend 1: bro i told my barber to make me go bald but i actually meant a fade but i said go bald cuz i thought of that one meme
friend 2: that’s such a klad moment
by BigBlackBigMacLover April 19, 2022
"Their soldiers were KLAD"
by Arroco February 26, 2022
King Lad - the ultimate lad, a lion amongst lads.
Mate, he's not just a lad, he's Klad
by russell.awj March 16, 2011
Bob: dude, i heard you tapped datass last night.
Jim: yea, she was so frisky, it was klad!


tThis sammich is klad!
by J-J-J-Jer August 12, 2008
friend 1: hey bro i told my crush i loved her the first time we met
friend 2: you are such a klad
friend 1: bro wdym i’m a klad
friend 2: i mean u had a klad moment
by Smashking69 May 21, 2022