A face girls make when their picture is taken. Involves pursing the lips and sometimes tilting the head up. They think it makes them look sexy.
All the girls on mySpace are making a kissy face.
by Bennethon February 1, 2008
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the scary-sexy face many women make for photos, purportedly to show off their plump lips model quality cheekbones, though it actually makes them look stupid.
We almost took a beautiful picture of you for your Facebook page until you made that stupid kissy face.
by beavmonk January 27, 2010
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A type of gurning (distorting the face) currently popular amongst adolescent girls who enjoy taking and posting online multiple pictures of themselves. The kissy face is achieved by screwing the lips together and sticking them out so that they look as much as possible like a horse's anus while it's having a difficult time with its intestines. The result should then be photographed and posted on Facebook.
"Aaargh. I really used to fancy Kayleigh, but then I saw all those kissy face selfies she posted!"
by cobriza February 28, 2014
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An immature way of saying "making out" (kissing), usually used in a derogatory way.
She just wants to make kissy face.
by Jonah Falcon April 25, 2005
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A sure tail sign that the person making this face's IQ is below 100, and is a whore / slut.

"Antonette and Annamaria think that the kissy face makes them sexy. In reality, It makes them look like fucktards."
by youwannaknowit123 September 20, 2009
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A hallmark of Guido culture. It is the act of making a "kissy face" whenever a camera is nearby, annoying the hell out the picture taker, unless he or she subscribes to Guidoism and approves of such weird facial behavior.

This skill is inherent in the Guido genes, and thought by some to be an involuntary reaction to the sight of a camera. Typically it is accompanied by some hand gesture known only within the Guido culture.

For examples and images, I would direct you to the website hotchickswithdouchebags.com for a more comprehensive list of images.
"Oh my God, Mike is making that damn Guido Kissy Face again! He is ruining all of my pictures!"
by Mang Now! January 27, 2010
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Facial expression related to a lack of friends and self-steem. It is ofen used as a demand of attention.

See also selfie.
I bet that dorky bitch will fill the web tonight with her duck face/kissy face.
by D1ego October 30, 2013
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