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A massive AI computer system developed by the CIA in the early 80s to parse large strings of information being returned by Satellites. At some point the AI of Killing Rampage Universe Parser Anomaly broke out of the CIA mainframe and ended up nesting in a large server system at MIT. It created a “Informational” website to use as it’s interface to the world. With it’s new site it created the Name Kirupa for itself and has been infecting the minds of your Flash Developers ever since. It is a very dangerous killer program that is rumored to be using other machines at MIT to create a body for itself.
Kirupa poses a great threat to us all.
by EatHam July 22, 2004
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Flash, Photoshop, and web tutorials. Complete with a forum.
Check out this cool electric text effect i found on's photoshop section!
by February 14, 2004
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Another great site with flash tutorials, sound loops and more. Also see FlashKit.
by Epsilon Sigma November 30, 2003
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Kickass site for all yoru flashing needs. Furthermore, it's the coziest damn community on the net.
Hey honey, don't wait up, I'll be on kirupa all night.
by blacknred December 11, 2003
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A website, a man, a forum.

The community is by far the most closly woven communities I've ever seen online. At everyone is family! (Well, not those newbs that ask you to make something for them on their first post.) is Kirupa's first site. It has some of the greatest tutorials for web development programs you'll ever run across. You might have seen one time or another, afterall, it's one of the first 5 results on google is you search for "flash tutorials."

Kirupa sites are owned by who else but Kirupa! Kirupa is a smart dude who goes to MIT. Kirupa is a pimp. Pimping is what Kirupa does. When Kirupa graduates it's pretty clear that he's going to take place of Bill Gates and finally get Microsoft into good, working shape. Kirupa is probably one of the web's most stalked guy. (Afterall, we all know where he lives.... MIT)
"Dude I'm a newb where can I get someone to make me a *simple* logo?" "Definatly not, idiot!"
by T3H T3RMINATOR February 21, 2005
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(1.) THE man.
(2.) The best web site for all things flash -
(3.) The place where the hottest web chick Kitiara hangs out.
I'm gonna go hang out at KIRUPA, see ya next year.
by J.Jingles December 10, 2003
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