To kink shame is to disrespect or devalue a person for his or her particular kink or fetish.
To kink shame someone is to put them down for having a kink you disapprove of or can't relate to, for ex.:

"Eww! You like fat chicks?" to a guy who is into BBW (big beautiful women).

or "I can't believe you let a man boss you around!" to a submissive woman in a D/s relationship

or "Don't you have any self respect?" to a masochist into BDSM.
by lingolinda September 30, 2014
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"I hear she likes to bang dogs."
"Well what you kink shaming her for? You fuck little kids and we don't kink shame you
by Buddy Beitans August 9, 2017
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kink-shame; Verb; To shame another's kinky, saucy or sexual activities, but only such activities that are generally considered unique to an individual or different to the norm.
Person 1: Did u hear Nathan likes to shove Bibles up Terry's ass?! That's so weird!
Person 2: Don't Kink-shame him! he's allowed to do whatever, holy cow.
by Origae6 September 3, 2017
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When one uses one's fetishes to make them out to be a bad person or belittle them because of something they like to do in bed or in their private time.
Person 1: I have a foot fetish
Person 2: Ummmmmmmm

Person1: Are you kink shaming me?
Person 2: Noooo I'm totally not kink shaming you for having such a weird fetish. 🤥
by Rotten Turkey June 27, 2021
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Doing something pointless or impossible. Defined as such since cats are not subject to and care not about whatever code of sexual purity you're trying to enforce.
"Through God, nothing is impossible!"
"Of course there are things that are impossible. Ever try to kink shame a cat?!"
"Give it up already. You're kink shaming a cat!"
(by sea.ya.later on TikTok)
by shakleton November 22, 2021
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