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Originally, refers to a term that was frequently used in the 1920's, 1930's, and 1940's, describing men who would only have vaginal sex with women. The term later became known in reference to black men who would have both vaginal and anal sex with women. This was to show a position of power; hence, the term "king".

Later on, in the early 1930's, it became referred to a man, usually a black man, who would have sex with both women and men. Sex with men was a sign of power and dominance, not necessarily homosexual in nature.

King fuckers, both those that had sex with women and those that had sex with women and men, usually did not perform orally. This was looked at as a sign of weakness. Fellatio and cunnilingus were physically subordinate positions and would not be an appropriate position for a "king".

In the 1920's, king fuckers were associated with pedophilia (gross, but true). Both black and white men were accused of these behaviors. In the 1940's, king fuckers, usually black men, where requested to be the guest of honor at adult parties that were sexual, and submissive, in nature. Black men, usually one, would be asked to entertain and provide sexual pleasures to both women and men. These parties were usually set up by wealthy caucasian couples or individuals, who understand the Black plight for equality, but could not show public support for the cause; hence, these sexual parties were private in nature. In the late 1940's, the term meant a man who was well known for his sexual abilities. In the 1960's, the term came to mean a man who would fuck anything, usually Asian women in Asian countries during times of military conflict.

Nowadays, the term is rarely used. However, there is speculation that U.S. politicians – a high ranking position – both male and female, secretly request the services of a king fucker. Swinging couples, usually in discretion, will ask for the services of a "king fucker". This person, usually a black male, would have unprotected sexual intercourse with the female of the couple to impregnate her and to show sexual (and sometime social) dominance, and would be asked or expected to provide sexual pleasure to the male of the couple, usually only anal intercourse. Again, it may not be socially accepted to swing, and it would definitely not be socially accepted, especially in the conservative realm, to have intercourse with a black male.

To be a king fucker used to carry a lot of pride. Today men who call themselves “king fuckers” are revered for their sexual prowess. They usually have sex bareback and are clean of STDs. Even more so, king fuckers are becoming educated and call themselves out for service – a male escort. The term king fucker also means a man who just has a lot of sex with women – a man whore.

Another thought, more along the line of social retribution, is that black “king fuckers” may “stud” themselves out to impregnate women, usually socially dominate women, such as caucasian and Asian women. From the same line of thought, some women what to carry the baby of a black male that they are not involved in a relationship with…that’s another story.
Yeah, I had fourteen women at the party last night. I am such a king fucker.
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1. One who fucks kings (i.e. a queen)

2. King of all Fuckers

3. Probably some moron who named himself that.
1. OMG! Lady Rachel didn't want to be a King Fucker!

2. O Yea! I'm the King Fucker!

3. Of course, one guy on MySpace who named himself King_Fucker should change his name.
by Sasquatch_Rebel May 02, 2008
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