1. verb. to succeed.

"kinging" is a logical follow up from "acing". It means to do well, though not perfect.

2. verb to advance (or be advanced) to a higher level or condition.
1. Bob kinged the test.

2. Bob was kinged to CEO of the company
by MichaelW November 15, 2006
king is the loser, the one no one likes boring into Pokémon and is a nerd. he that guy that sits by himself and talks to himself.(lonely)
i'm king because I have no friends and like Pokémon.
Awesome beyond all compare. No one is better then king of kings. he can do anything at any time. Fear him.
king of kings playing Kuma War: *shoots everyone in sight* die bitches.
by chris fed September 22, 2007
Usage: AdVerb
Origins: XDA

The process of getting ripped off by KingKlick
Yo dUdE, Im sO bOrrOwing yOur wOrK and taKin All the crEdiT

*thanks man!*

-You just got Kinged
by ciwrl March 10, 2010
-Giving excellent customer service.
-Working more slowly in order to maximize billable time.
-Working more slowly at the end of the night to make sure it qualifies for car service.
-Volunteering for copious amounts of overtime.
Bill worked about 15 hours today. He was kinging it so he could get a car service home.
by dwwo April 14, 2016