When you dominate and rule someone else by winning or make a fool of someone making them feel weak.
by King13EP August 18, 2013
a term given to someone who, while playing the drinking game kings has the ability to make one or more other players wake up on a boat the next morning. This is a very rare ability and very few people in the world posses this ability.
person 1: hey did you here what happened after kings last night?
person 2: yeah jose woke up on a boat.
person 1: yeah chris really is the king of kings.
Verb. When one is pranked by the infamously scary Burger King King. This may involve waking up at an early hour, only to have your friends coinciding with the Burger King's prank, as he himself points his finger and laughs inaudibly at you while you freak out.
Man: Dude, you won't believe this! I was sleeping, then I was woken up by the Burger King! Right there! In my bed! He tried to offer me a Whopper, but I refused, so he fled out my window!
Dude: Man, you got Kinged? Scary...
by Phantom Tonberry August 10, 2009
rules hyrule and thinks dinner is what all true warriors strive for. he makes link defeat gannon becuase he is to weak to do so himself. he is also the father of zealda (the princess of hyrule)
Link: gee it sure is borning around here

The King: moi boi this dinner is what all true warrior strive for
by jomod July 10, 2009
A male specimen, an alpha, a man who knows what he wants, Values himself as an individual, support his other fellow kings, a true warrior, handsome young lad with a big cock, destroys vaginas like he’s thanos, and most importantly follows mrtraplord
Thot: omg he’s so sexy, I wanna ruin him

Queen: he won’t fuck u
Thot: why??

Queen: Bc he’s a king
by Kingtrapsallday May 8, 2019
To live your own life as if you were a king
To own and rule your own world
Not to do things by half
To make decisions and act upon them
Aimee live her life to the fullest, she was Kinging-It, baby!!!!
by WilDej June 3, 2021
Someone who doesn't have shit all over them.
From Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
First person: "Who's that?"
Second person: "Must be a King."
First person: "Why?"
Second person: "He doesn't have shit all over him."
by Morrissey Man March 10, 2005