Used by US military especially Marines as an alternative word for cool. Most common heard when confirming understanding of plans or minor orders.
Sgt: "So Gunny said to round them up around 1800 for their libbo speech"
Cpl: "Kill"
by berskerkamikaze February 26, 2015
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Short for killer. Used frequently in the California slacker community to refer to something that is totally radical, gnarly or awesome.
Man, that shit is kill! I gotta get me some of that.

Dude, kill. Did you see that guy on the BMX do a double backflip? I almost showed some wakeful animation for a second.
by Tim Jerome September 04, 2009
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1. to finish consuming something

2. to spoil or ruin

3. to succeed

4. to make an audience break out in laughter

5. to turn off a device
Don't kill the chocolate without my permission.
by The Return of Light Joker January 19, 2008
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High-potency marijuana. A sack of tree that has no seeds, very little stem, and an extremely strong aroma (even through the bag). It is characterized by the traits above conjoined with a light lime green color, crystallized white sticky resin, and tight, fluffy buds. Also known as buss head, choke, and "The ickiest of the sticky."
Sour diesel, purple haze (piff), cali kush, sensimillia, etc. are varieties of kill or killer.

When Snoop Dogg said "...that sticky-icky-icky ooh-wee!" he was thinking of some kill he recently enjoyed.
by BLaZE-Up June 18, 2009
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