To destroy the insides of a woman by means of sexual intercourse
"Yo, wassup with Shorty from the other night?"

"Son, I definitely kill!"
by Str8asshole February 03, 2017
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To be really good at something. A compliment to someone by saying they're kill.
"Wow, you're fuckin' Kill!"

by Tony June 25, 2003
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to murder someone or in an act of rage and cause of death
im going to kill you
by Todd disamor March 10, 2003
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when you are making a joke not funny anymore like when everyone is laughing and having a good time and someone out of nowhere just gets naked, they say kills.
man: hey hows it going
dude: fine how are you?
man:nice weather today is it?
dude: ummmm i like the ground
man: OH Kills!
by ScabsInMyUterus July 23, 2008
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