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kidan-which means "How are you". is the word used mostly by Punjabi's of India and Pakistan. It is also getting more popular in the places where Punjabi's reside (like some parts of British Coloumbia etc..).
kidan ki chalda ajj kal.
by punjabi-india July 27, 2010
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The most littist girl in the world! She halirious and the life of the party. She is super doper funny and can be serious if needed. She can be the best friend that you'll every need. She stands up for what is right and cracks the funnist jokes. She makes you feel the best when you are sad and in need of love. She will be the best gf. She will tell you the truth and have your back. She can be loud and very talkitive. But gets good grades. And is the best to be around. Now her aperance is something else!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the most beautiful person you will every see. She chooses her men wisely. An example would be Noah Centineo. She is the life of the party and lights up a room
boy 1: oh snap shes hot!
boy 2: kidan!?!?!?
boy 1: well duh look at her!!!
boy 2: no i call dibs, shes mine

mia/bff: you are my best friend and i hope i nevry loose you.
Kidan: gurllll you want you ae my best friend too
by awesomeunicorn22 February 14, 2019
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